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Wake Up Women Organization

Wake Up Women Organization (WAWO)
  • Name and address:
    • Full official name: Wake Up Women Organization (WAWO)
    • Address: Upendo Plaza, Ground Floor, Room 14B, P.O Box 2156 – 40200, Kisii – Kenya
    • E-mail:wawo_kenya@yahoo.com
    • Telephone: +254 728 903 046
    • Organisational website: in the process of development
  • Profile of the organization:
    • Year of foundation: 2012
    • Type of organization: Non-Governmental Organization
    • Legal status: Not for profit
    • Registration number of the organization: OP.218/051/12-365/8277
    • Region where activities take place? Kisii Diocese, Kenya
    • Target groups: Orphans and vulnerable children, poor women & disadvantaged and people living with disabilities
  • Organizational structure:
    • Number of board members: 7 members ( all women with one person physically disabled)
    • Number of volunteers: 5 volunteers (4 women and one man) – Presently we do not have full time paid staff we work with volunteers who are paid stipends for work done.

Wake Up Women Organization Organizational Chart

Organizational Background

Wake Up Women Organization was founded by 7 women under the leadership of Anna Kemunto Kingara. The aim of forming the organization is to empower poor women and their families to improve their livelihoods through social economic empowerment and educational support to orphans and other vulnerable children in Western Kenya.WAWO programmes are based, as taught by Jesus Christ, on belief in a just and equitable society in which women, men and children can realise fullness of life without any forms of discrimination. WAWO recognizes that gender equality, the empowerment of women, women’s full enjoyment of all human rights and the eradication of poverty are essential to economic and social development, including the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals

Our working style

WAWO trains poor women about improved food production technologies and methods, new products and markets, business and life skills such as health management, decision making, self confidence and conflict management. We believe skills development is particularly important to poor and vulnerable women who are contributing family bread winners. Women in Kisii often have different training needs than men, linked to their domestic work and care responsibilities, as well as to gender based divisions of labour for managing or undertaking specific roles in family and community life.

Environment political, economical, religious and cultural sense
WAWO is a not for profit organization that serve needy children, poor women and men irrespective of ethnicity, gender orientation or level of disability.Over 80% of the people living in Kisii are the Abagusii tribe which is a Bantu ethnic group. The area is one of the most densely populated and fertile areas of Kenya. Ekegusii, which is the ethnic language, is spoken in remote areas of Kisii and Nyamira Counties, however in most urban centres Kiswahili is spoken because people from different ethnic communities live and work here.

Kisii is one of the few Kenyan tribes that practice mandatory female circumcision. Although this ritual has since been outlawed, it still persists . Kisii boys continue to be initiated into adulthood . Some girls within local remote communities are pulled out of school, married early, and many a times subjected to violence. Families’ cause of poverty in Kisii is illiteracy of the adult population especially women, lack of skills and knowledge in small scale business enterprise development including access to modern agricultural inputs and technology.WAWO works innovatively with other development partners in providing solutions aimed at improving the living conditions of these diversified groups of people.

Some women in our Economic Empowerment programme