Our research focuses on new and existing evidences, and the knowledge and experience we gain from our work in the community to bring a unique perspective to Minnesota policy discussions. Ghands, Inc shall hold policy discussions touching all areas of a academia by holding seminars whereby distinguished professionals in different field of their specialization would present papers in topics of their choice, Monthly or annually.

The following procedure is applied in conducting this exercise;

The program coordinator should ensure that the following procedure is adhered to in scheduling for any dialogue;

The Basics:

  1. Decide who the participants will be and to communicate with them
  2. Decide on a meeting date, time, and location
  3. Decide which of the topics will be discussed at each meeting
  4. Choose the meeting format (sample format) and consult the Program Guide
  5. Enlist a Ghands,Inc Executive to lay the framework for discussion
  6. Use a half-hour video segment to outline the issue for discussion
  7.  Organize a discussion based on reading the article in the briefing book

Contact Ghands,Inc at 7634390083 to discuss plans and order materials

Responsibilities of a Group Leader or Organizer

  1. Organize the meeting - topic, date, place, time (and speaker, if necessary
  2.  Promote the meeting details to group members or community
  3. Contact speakers well in advance of the presentation date
  4. Communicate clearly to speakers about logistics, including location, parking, security/arrival info, and stipend payment arrangements
  5. Arrange audio-visual equipment for the speaker or video, if necessary
  6. Communicate with the speaker on how the discussion will be moderated
  7. Maintain meeting records and report attendance to Ghands,Inc/Ghands.org
  8. Follow up with speakers after the event and arrange stipend payment
  9. Provide feedback about program quality to Ghands,Inc

Responsibilities of the Ghands,Inc:


  1. Process orders for materials (Briefing Books, etc.) in a timely manner
  2. Recruit speakers for each topic and produce a directory of speakers
  3. provide orientation, training, and consultation to leaders and speakers
  4. Collect data on group attendance and feedback on program quality
  5. Provide speakers in the directory with a complimentary Briefing Book. Send Monthly updates to Ghands Inc leaders and speakers with program announcements and information about event program
  6. Inform Ghands Inc of the annual topics chosen by the Foreign Policy Coordinator, and serve as Ghands Inc resource for all groups in Minnesota


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