How we Work

Ghands,Inc is a transparent and open organization that strives to build trust between people worldwide.

In this spirit, we make public a large amount of information relating to our ways of work and our performance.

Ghands,Inc produces a number of corporate reports and documents, including an Annual Report, which evaluates the previous year's performance and global impact. The Corporate Plan, also found in corporate reports and documents, outlines the focus of our work and direction for the period 2017-18.

As an international organization that engages minorities from all over the globe residing here in the mid west, our approach is Holistic such that we abide by an extensive range of policies. These ensure that we meet the highest standards in vital areas ranging from equal opportunities and diversity to child protection and environmental sustainability, educational perspective, health disparity , environmental protection, security, human trafficking, human Rights,immigration,Information Technology, Advocacy, income inequality and education inequality, Religion and politics, Church and State, Christianity and Islam- phobia and cultural perspectives.

Ghands,Inc Collaborates with other agencies, Partners, stakeholders and other organizations in serving the community by participating in;

    1. Holding seminars
    2. Health Fairs
    3. Training; e.g. immigrant clinics, computer skills
    4. Basic Computor Skills,  such as Micro-Soft Word, Power Point, Excel
    5. Festivals , such as festival for African culture
    6. Event organization such as African World Aids Day (WAD), World Aids Day
    7. By engaging local civic and county government such as Law enforcement and City hall leadership and Parks
    8. Immigrant community leadership (council of elders and advisory group).
    9. Religious leadership
    10. National Holidays such as Madaraka Day Celebrations
    11. Education, languages such as Swahili and African Languages
    12. Dialogue by panel of experts on selected topics in a quarterly or annually based on issues as determined by our policy analyst.




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