About Us


                                                OUR VISION


Empowering  Multicultural African Immigrant Communities,  express their Cultural competencies.


                                                OUR MISSION


To transform our community in creativity and engagement in Art, Culture and Health education.



To increase awareness and facilitate access to the gainful Health education opportunities through

                                     1. Better Networking

                                     2.Training seminars  and

                                     3. Vocational Programs tailored through evidence based research


  To build Partnerships with key stakeholders in the field of

                                     1. Health

                                     2.Education and public safety

                                     3. To Promote and Protect our unique African Immigrants Culture through cultural inclusivity

                                     4. To empower the immigrant and enable them to access resources and other opportunities.


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We have 80 guests and no members online

7420 Unity Avenue North,
Suite 112,
Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
Phone: (763) 205 - 1374,
Fax: (763) 535 - 7558,

Cell phone:763490083

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