About Us


1. Mission/Purpose


To ensure that Health & and Wellness of all the African Communities living in Minnesota are attended to through:

1. Improved Health outcomes

2. To ensure that all  Health care providers  are able to serve Africans

3. To ensure that, the broad African Community has strong voice in influencing Public Health Care policy

All these shall be be accomplished through the following key approaches:




 African Health issues are clearly articulated with data so the major health issues of the

African Community are addressed

 Change African community perception of health to understand and embrace preventive care

Care; change perception of the health care system and promote its use

 Increase culture competency for other providers around African needs

 Decrease stigma in HIV, Mental Health, and other issues in African communities


3. Objectives


 Create an identity around strengths and abilities for the African Community so that it is

More visible and has a stronger voice in advocating for policy change, etc

 Explore coming together as Africans in the USA, by bringing the separate cultures from Africa

together to speak in one voice. By coming together as a group,  increases

Educational empowerment, and important issues, such civic engagement

 Reach out to smaller African communities to ensure they have a seat at ‘the table’, and their

Basic needs are met, and their voice is strengthened

 Build stronger services/programs for our communities, such as housing,

 Bring different ideas and experiences from different regions and align assets to tackle


 Share information between different ethnic African communities and then beyond the

African community to the broader community immigrant community


2. Values

 African immigrants and their families have the right to access good quality health care

 The African communities, by coming together around common issues, can better influence

Policy makers and share the strengths of each African culture

 African communities need education to understand preventative health care and to

Participate in the health care systems in Minnesota

 Health care providers need to understand African cultural perspectives and norms in order

to best serve the community

 Quality health care providers need to understand the African cultural perspectives in order

to overcome stigma and other barriers to health care in Minnesota



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